8 inch jointer Reviews: If you are a woodworker, you would not miss the essence of a wood jointer. Professional woodworkers would ideally swear by the 8 inch jointer. In fact, a jointer is a professional tool that should assist you in smoothening a rough piece of wood. The best 8” jointer would be the one that offers a smoother and quieter operation.

There are instances when buying a 6-inch jointer makes sense, but an 8-inch jointer is a real deal when you want to take your woodworking projects to the next level. That is what I discovered when I discarded my JET – JJ-6HHDX 6-Inch Long Bed Helical Head Jointer for the 8-inch option. That is not to say that it was straightforward though. In my search for the best product in this category, a realized how hard it is to single out the best.

Features to Look for in the Best 8 inch Jointer

Well, if you pay attention to a few options, choosing the right 8″ jointer should not be a difficult task. Having a perfect buying guide for the best 8 inch jointer can prove to be handy.

So, what should you look for? Here are a few pointers that would be helpful enough –

  • Table Dimensions – Consider the spatial limitations of your woodworking shop. Opting for a jointer that works right for your table dimensions would be much important. The 8 inch jointer would be the best for the table of 2” x 6” dimensions.
  • Maximum depth of cut – The best cut of depth should be less than 1/8 inches. This should give you better control and finish.
  • A number of knives – A three knife jointer would remain sharper for more period of time compared to a twin blade system.
  • Adjustments – This is one of the major features. The jointer should maintain the settings during heavy operations. It should also be flexible enough.
  • Warranty – The warranty should be a minimum of three years for an ideal 8 inch jointer. Check if there are options that provide a better warranty for the motor.

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1. Powermatic 1610086K 60HH 8-Inch Jointer

Powermatic 1610086K 60HH 8-Inch Jointer

1610086K is one of the best tools provided by Powermatic. This 8” jointer comes with a helical cutterhead and ensures the efficient output for handling the larger volume woodworking needs.

  • Helical cutterhead with four sided inserts provides smoother, quieter cutting and a superior finish
  • Extra long tables are mounted on dovetailed ways, for extended workpiece support
  • Adjustment lever offers quick infeed table positioning and fine tuning of cut depth
  • High mount switch for operator convenience
  • Handwheel operated worm gear system for smooth fence tilting


  • It comes with 230V horsepower each on two single-phase motors to make it capable of handling a large capacity of the wooden material.
  • Though it has a stationary build, it provides easier operation and quicker adjustments.
  • The helical cutter head moves at 7000 round per minute which lets the machine speak by its dominant performance.
  • Due to its robust-built and quality material, the 1610086K jointer lasts for long even in harsh conditions.
  • 5-year limited warranty from the company offers you to have a hassle-free purchase.


  • Though this 8-inch jointer comes with a lot of intuitive features, it may seem too pricey for some users.

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2. JET 708458K JJ-8CS 8-Inch 2 Horsepower Jointer

JET Horsepower Jointer

The Jet JJ-8CS is actually a two-in-one machine. It can work like a benchtop jointer and a planner simultaneously. Such a combination of tools makes it a handy machine for professional woodworkers.

  • Extra long (9 w by 66-1/2-inch L) cast iron bed
  • Three-knife cutter head
  • 2hp, 1ph, 230-volt motor
  • Easy-to-read infeed depth scale
  • Front and rear safety knife guide


  • It comes with a robust 2HP motor which generates almost 16,500 cuts per
  • Easy to adjust metal-made outfeed table offers user-friendly operation.
  • The two large knobs are comfortable to handle without much effort.
  • Though this machine can work like a jointer or a planner, it has a compact and portable design.
  • The stainless steel knives give a precise cut to any piece of lumber.
  • The 3-year warranty from the company allows you to have a hassle-free purchase.


  • To make this machine lightweight, the company has made some parts of plastic instead of metal.
  • It does not have an effective dust-collection system.

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3. Shop Fox W1741 Jointer with Parallelogram Adjustable Beds

W1741 Jointer

If you are looking for a fully-featured 8 inch jointer at an affordable price, then go for buying this Shop Fox W1741 woodworking machine. The parallelogram design with the cast iron build of the table provides precision cuts on the wood pieces.

  • Motor: 3 HP, 220V, single-phase, TEFC, 3,450 RPM; Switch: magnetic w/thermal overload protection
  • Tables: parallelogram design, precision-ground cast iron; Table size: 8-Inch by 76-5/16-Inch O.A., Infeed table size: 8-Inch by 43-3/8-Inch
  • Deluxe cast iron fence size: 35-Inch L by 1-1/4-Inch W by 5-Inch H
  • Cutterhead: diameter: 3-3/16-Inch, Speed: 5,350 RPM, Knives: 4 (HSS) 8-Inch by 3/4-Inch by 1/8-Inch, Cuts per minute: 21,400
  • Max. Cut: Width: 8-Inch, Depth 1/8-Inch, Rabbeting Depth: 5/8-Inch


  • The 3HP 220V single phase motor rotates 3450 times per minute to provide faster working of up to 21400 cuts per minute.
  • The cast-iron fence is easy to adjust due to its lock lever handle. Also, you can keep it secure while not in use.
  • Bevel cutting, edge jointing, surface jointing, planning, or any other wood adjustment task you want, can be done easily with Shop Fox W1741.
  • It has the maximum depth cut capacity of 1/8” and maximum width cut capacity of 8”
  • The bearings are shielded & lubricated. Also, this machine is equipped with magnetic and thermal overload protected


  • It is not a lightweight machine, and so you alone cannot move it from one place to another place.
  • The setup process is not so beginner-friendly

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4. Powermatic 1610079 PJ882 8-Inch Jointer

Powermatic 8-Inch Jointer

The PJ882 is another great 8-inch jointer from Powermatic. The parallelogram build provides an improved finish of the wood by keeping the table closer to the cutterhead. Not only this, but such design keeps the table in parallel, even after a long time of use.

  • Infeed/outfeed surface measures 8-by-82-Inch
  • Depth of cut limitation easily overridden for rabbeting cuts
  • Fence tilts 45 degrees to back and front; handwheel operation
  • No-mar fence insert keeps beds pristine during fence adjustment
  • 7,000 rpm cutterhead gives you 21,000 cuts per minute; limited lifetime warranty


  • The cutterhead runs at 7000 rounds per minute due to its 3HP single phase motor and cuts approximately 21000 lumber pieces per minute.
  • The 8-inch wide bed provides extra support and space on the infeed table.
  • You can easily overrule the limitation of the depth of cut for a rabbet cut.
  • The infeed table remains scratchproof due to the no-mar fence.
  • The limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer allows you to have a hassle-free purchase.


  • The price is too much higher for some professionals, especially for the beginners in the field.
  • Stationary built, means it is not a truly portable machine.

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5. Jet JJ-8HH Helical Head 8 inch Jointer

Jet 8 Jointer

The JJ-8HH is a budget-friendly 8” jointer from Jet. The infeed & outfeed tables and fence are straight, flat and in coplanar positions. It does the perfect job of surfacing the wood pieces, especially the wider ones like a Cottonwood.

  • Helical insert cutterhead with staggered carbide inserts for a superior finish and quieter cut
  • Built-in dust chute with 4″ port connects to your collection system for efficient dust/chip disposal


  • You will get smoother cuts with superior finish due to its helical head design.
  • It has a 4-inch wider port of dust chute which easily connects with your dust collection system to avoid any mess at your workplace.
  • The 2HP motor provides the cutterhead speed of 5500 RPM for productive and beneficial woodwork
  • The infeed and outfeed tables are made with good-quality cast-iron material to provide precise cuts and finish, even on the long wooden boards
  • The fence can tilt in both ways at 450 and 900 which means you will have the smoothest beveling operation


  • Due to its T-style design, it will be difficult to loosen or tighten the lever locks.
  • The wrench access is not so easy.

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However, picking the right 8 inch jointer may not bee as easy as it would appear to be. In essence, finding the best jointer may be difficult even for a Pro. That is because when you are in the market for the best 8 inch jointers 2020 can offer you, you will come across a huge number of top end manufacturers who would claim that their products offer you an exemplary level of service. That is precisely where checking out a few good 8 inch jointer reviews tends to be helpful enough.

Of course, the 8 inch jointer comes at a premium price. But, the price you pay for the best 8” jointer would be quite profitable in the long run. If you really want to create an impression as the best woodworker, checking out if you have the best wood jointer for sale in the local market. Even when the price is on the expensive side a bit, you would have access to a wonderful experience of years of surfacing your jobs without any hassles. If you cannot find a good 8 inch jointer for sale, the best possible 8 inch jointer reviews can definitely help you make a learned choice right away.

These jointers will be helpful for a wide range of woodworking needs you may have and offer you an exciting performance standard. In fact, the 8 inch jointer options – when compared to their 6 inch counterparts are designed to offer you a long lasting performance in the years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are some of the benefits of a wood jointer?

Many buyers have found their wood jointers to be crucial in the workshop. First, the tool is easy to use, so even inexperienced owners are able to do something. The biggest benefit I have realized with my jointer is money savings. My local store often runs discounts for twisted and warped wood. I buy this wood, fix it with several runs on my valued 8-inch jointer, and then create an attractive piece with it. I end up saving a good number of dollars in the process. Imagine how much this would translate to for a large-scale project.

As a woodworker, times come when you inevitably have unused wood that stocked up for so long that it warped. You do not have to throw away such wood. With a good 8-inch jointer, you can salvage a substantial amount of the stock.

  1. Do I need eye and ear protection when using a jointer?

Wood debris and dust can scatter and endanger the eyes during the jointing process. Therefore, have eye protection always. While some products have noise-reducing features, it is important to wear ear protection too to prevent damage ear damage.

  1. What makes an 8-inch jointer better than a 6-inch jointer?

Some woodworkers have the tricks and skills to flatten wider boards on a 6-inch jointer, but an 8-inch jointer makes the work flawless, especially for an averagely experienced user. It is a way of saving time and materials.

  1. Who sells good 8-inch jointers?

In the review section, I have suggested different products from leading brands. Chances are that you will pick the best 8-inch jointer from the list. If you wish to analyze further, the leading brands include Powermatic, JET, CuTech and Grizzly Industrial.

  1. Are 8-inch jointers affordable?

The price range for jointers can be significant, regardless of the category. Some items are available for as low as $700 and some go beyond $2,000. This difference is an indication of the varying buyer preference. Some of the best cheap jointers can be found in this article here.